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Double Sweet Wife

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  • Jean cabel 1 year ago

    is this the episode that the scheming sister pretend that the father of her baby is Gu chexing is there happy ending for the couple

  • Alma Magariyama 1 year ago

    Want to know what happen after the bad elder twin sister told a lie to grandma that she was pregnant of the leading actors baby. And what happen to the good younger twin after watching her sister pregnant, she was supposed to go back to the house of the leading actor, but just gave up after watching her sister’s condition.. Does her sick mother awaken from a coma ? Also the leading man and his grandma were able to learned the real truth of the twin sister. Hope the leading man and lady will be happy together at the end. Especially the good younger twin, she was always the victim and the target of those bad character of this story. Hope she can find the clover with four petals for her happiness, that was the promised of the leading man , to help her find the clover ! That brings good luck. The leading lady really deserved to be happy ,together with the leading man Please make them happy together at the end. I really appreciate your kind consideration and understanding. Thank you so much for showing us all the continuation of this story up to the last episode, same in the novel. Honestly we felt disappointed by leaving us on a hanging situation. We are patiently waiting for the last chapter or season 2 of this story. And now it’s almost to be shown what we waited most. Very delighted for your kindness and understanding to all of us.. Thank you forevermore.

  • Alma Magariyama 11 months ago

    I deeply appreciate your kind consideration. Yeah, for many times I’ve been requesting for the continuation of this drama ( the only drama that made me cried a lot. ) Really so eager to know, what happened to the younger good twin , after watching her bad twin sister that already pregnant by another man, only she didn’t know the real truth. And where she goes after that . Does her sick mother awaken from a coma ? Hope at last lSu Yanxi will find her clover with four petals that will bring happiness to her. May all that matters or problems must be clear,the real truths must be reveal. And most of all she will have a happy life ,together with the man she loves A happy ending.

  • Alma Magariyama 11 months ago

    I thank you for showing me the continuation of this drama. The only drama that made me cried, every time I watch again.and again. Hope at the end, the leading man and lady will be happy together. With all the real truth be reveal. Please with happy ending of this drama, that I lik3 most. Thank you.

  • Alma Magariyama 11 months ago

    What happen next , after the episode 33. .?Hope at the end will be a happy togetherness of Su Yanzi and the man she loves. May her sick mother awaken to help her recover a broken heart due to her wicked twin sister.

  • Alma Magariyama 11 months ago

    Are you sure ? There is the next episode coming soon ? Because I often read in this location!, that the next episode is coming soon. I will be most grateful if there is a continuation of this story, Double Sweet Wife, cuz you just ended the way that was not clear, still lots of questions to be answered in this story, and just leaving all the people, watching this drama with unsolved problems . Really looking forward for the real truth to revealed. Therefore please let’s finished this story with fair, clear , not sad and not cruel and most of all a happy ending. I thank you for your kindness and understanding.